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Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Take your dog to work day this year is June 24th. Pretty much one of the best days of the year if you ask us. The day originally started in 1996 in the United Kingdom by Pet Sitters Internationals and it made its way to the United States in 1999. It was a way to celebrate companion dogs and encourage adoptions from local rescue groups, shelters and humane societies. Many businesses have gone from allowing pets in the office one day a year to allowing them all-year round. Most of the time it is dogs but there are some companies that welcome birds, cats and other animal friends into the work place.

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Airline Travel with Pets

We are quickly approaching summer and with that comes vacation planning. More people are traveling with pets as hotels and resorts are rolling out the welcome mats and catering to their needs as well. Once at your destination having your pet along is a great time, getting there takes some careful planning so everyone arrives safe and sound.

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How to Train a Cat

Can you really train a cat? The simple answer is yes. Animals, just like humans, respond positively to behavior that gets them what they want or makes them happy. Conversely, undesirable results make them less likely to repeat the behavior. We are not referring to training cats to dance the hula or blow bubbles, although they would be a viral sensation, this is about training them to be the best pet they can be so you can live in companionable bliss.

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Making Your Pet an Instagram Star!

In the midst of growth and opportunity for Instagram, one thing is for certain to remain a central part of the experience… making our pets the star of our lives! Countless users put their pet, whether a cat or a dog (or pig!), front and center, just as they are in our lives. We’ve seen amazing profiles with pets on vacation, dressed up or just simply running wild in the backyard. We can’t seem to get enough!

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8 Interesting Facts About a Cat's Purr

Why do cats purr? The mechanics of how they purr is known, and there are thoughts and theories about why they do, but like most things cats, only they know the true reason. We love the deep rumble of our cat’s purr and were curious to know more about it. We found the following interesting facts about cats purrs: Cats purr at a frequency of 25 to 150 Hz (vibrations per second). Domestic cats develop special purrs to manipulate their owners into feeding them. (We can verify that!) Cats that purr can’t roar, and cat’s that roar can’t purr. It has to do with a rigid vs. flexible hyoid bone located in the throat that provides support for the larynx....

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