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5 Tips for Getting to Know Your Pet

Congratulations! You brought a new member into the family and have their beds, bowls and toys sorted out. Now what? Whether a cat, a dog, a bird or any other animal, you’ll do anything to provide them with a loving home to spend the rest of their lives in. For experienced or first time owners alike, being prepared ahead of time is always a smart move. However, from the moment your new pet walks through the door, getting to know them in their new environment is key for them to become acclimated in their new home.

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Tips for Giving Pets as Gifts

Every year, in some form of media or another, you see heartwarming stories of families buying or adopting pets for their kids during the holidays. We grow up to cherish these new members of our family and try our best to ensure they grow up in a loving home. But without proper planning and considerations, what begins as a lifetime family moment, can turn into a sad and tragic trip back to the pet store or shelter.

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Costs of Owning a Pet

Growing up, my home at any point in time had some combination of cats, dogs, fish, birds, lizards or guinea pigs (just to name a few). Needless to say, I know how to live with and take care of pets. Now that I live on my own, one thing I never considered was the cost of owning a pet. Although I don’t have a cat or dog to take care of now, sometime in the near future I might.

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Welcome Home!

You will never find a more grateful animal than one that has been sitting in a shelter for any length of time hoping to go home with someone. I speak from experience of adopting older cats on how much they appreciate and recognize what you have done for them. Each of our cats showed gratitude by giving us lots of affection after a couple of weeks.

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Visiting the Meow Parlour

We recently visited the Meow Parlour in the Lower East Side of NYC and it was a great experience. Opening in December of last year, the place is a cafe for people to hang out guessed it...cats! Supported by Kitty Kind, there are over 10 cats that are all adoptable. Visitors can sit, hang out and order snacks and drinks from the patisserie around the corner.

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