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Achoo! Pets & Their Allergies

Every spring, summer and fall our cat Stubby Jones is a sneezing, snorting, snoring mess. His eyes and nose run, his ears itch and he becomes lethargic and every year we are at the vet's office confirming that it is just allergies and nothing more sinister. Each year it gets worse and he is on and off ear drops, nose drops, anti-inflammatory medications and sometimes antibiotics if it becomes an infection. Never having had an animal live with us that had allergies before was new territory for us.

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Spring Cleaning in Small Spaces

Spring is in the air and ‘how to clean blogs’ are everywhere! People have commented over the years that it must be easy to keep our apartment clean because of its small size. It is exactly the opposite of that. We have to clean it all the time as dust, cat hair and grime piles up quickly on crowded shelves and in tight corners. We don’t have a lot of stuff but nevertheless all of our space is occupied by something.

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