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3 Tips for Buying Bowls for Your Cat

Not all bowls are created equal. We thought a bowl was a bowl until we adopted one cat that continually scooped pawfuls of food out of his bowl and on to the floor to eat it. On a whim we upgraded his bowl to one that had a larger opening, was heavy and didn’t slide around and had slanted sides. We noticed he stopped scooping out his food and started eating out of the bowl.

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4 Fabrics Best for Pet Living

We learned a long time, and several cats, ago that the best fabric for the furniture in our house is a microfiber. It looks and feels like suede and if they dig their claws in it leaves a pin prick of a hole that can be rubbed out with a couple of swipes of your finger. Our cats are very good about using their cat scratcher but every once in a while they want to try something different.

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Living Décor

Plants add color and breathe life into any environment. They are a fast, easy and inexpensive way to update or brighten up a room. Living in small apartments with little or no outdoor space does not slow down plant enthusiasts in NYC. The green markets are filled with plant vendors selling everything from a single daisy to full grown rose bushes and every weekend people with bags and wagons are seen carting them home.

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Do We Feel Color?

Do we feel color? How does it really affect us? We will describe a color as warm, cold or cool or that it is happy and energizing or depressing and bleak. We’ll use color to give clarity to an emotion such as we are red-hot or he/she is in a blue mood. We can sometimes describe a situation such as someone having a black cloud hanging over their head or use color to give precision to a depiction of someone being a yellow bellied weasel. It will brighten our skin or make it look sallow and can categorize us as eccentric, eclectic or traditional. ‘Color’ has to be one of the hardest working words in the dictionary.

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The Glory is in the Details

I dream all the time about the things I would like to do to our apartment. Sometimes I follow through and paint the living room bright orange and fill it with brown and red furniture. Other times I just visualize what a mural of a library would look like painted on a whole wall or what the room would look like with white lacquer walls and black furniture or black tufted walls and white furniture.

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