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About Us

We live in New York City and love it. Millions of people and their pets share this city and for most of us our apartments are small with few closets and much of what we have is on display. We do love our apartments though and putting fun, well designed, quality furnishings in them makes us happy, as do our pets. We love them madly and living with them is pure delight. Finding home furnishings for them that show their personality, coordinates with our style and fit our space is not easy. That is what led us, Theresa Drescher and Tom Saitta, to create Everybody’s Home. A place for like minded people who love their pets and want fashionable quality home furnishings for them (and who sometimes wants something cool for themselves). Everything in our collections was chosen for your pets comfort and your style!

Pets + Love = Home
We believe a house becomes a home when it reflects everyone that lives there and that includes our pets. Where they sleep, eat and play all matters to us as does our home and the way we feel in it. We believe how you furnish your home makes a difference in the experience you have when you are there. Comfort, peace, joy and color are all the things we want to feel and see when we are home and we want our pets to know that too. Yes, we know they don’t care, all they want is to be around us. This is about how we feel better for them when their bed is cozy soft and food bowl is hand painted. Plus, decorating for them and showing their goofy side or tough guy image is part of the fun of living with them!

Every day we share our homes, office space, ideas, stories and laughs. Sharing things is what make our lives interesting and enjoyable. We find endless entertainment in swapping antics, pictures and story’s about our pets and what we buy and do for them. A lot can be learned in these exchanges. We will share our thoughts and ideas on the wonderful and sometimes zany world of living with pets and invite you to do the same with us. We are interested in hearing about the way you live with your pets, decorate around them and entertain and play with them. And we'll pass on the things we learn from all of you that will help others create a fun, beautiful and comfortable environment to share with their pets.

Everybody’s Pet Project
We believe a larger sense of purpose is what really makes our big world a small community. Check out our Everybody’s Pet Project page to learn more about how we help those in need.

In all the fun to come, our goal will always be to help make all homes feel like Everybody’s Home!